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Collective mailboxes with internal and outside use(custom)


This model of mailbox collective is available by combining(organizing) several boxes between them.

The pose(installation) can be wall or on foot. Ideal for the entrances(entries) of Residences or building...

- In pose(installation) on foot, he(it) is possible of receiver(combined competition) (2-3-4 6) mailboxes between them. (Photos below)

- In wall pose(installation), he(it) is possible of receiver(combined competition) one very large number of boxes, while keeping(preserving) an exceptional design.

- Two colors in the choice: (white and money(silver))

For every models it is possible to fix the set(group) in the concrete or of him(it) aimed at the ground thanks to its foot Multicubicle(Multigarage,Multidock) V 11-FW.
Multibox white x6 2             Pied multibox 3
Ideal for residences or HLM(COUNCIL HOUSE); Dualbox can consist of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 mailboxes.

Available in 3 colors, WHITE, Money(Silver) or STAINLESS STEEL, her can be sealed in the concrete or be screwed on the ground thanks to her bases.

The design of this product is underlined by one 1 or 2 pillars for the version 2 mailboxes. Possible wall-mounting device.
Dual back front Dualbox n2 p1 1  Dualbox n2 p2 1 Dual back 822 w ruckansichtDualbox n2 p2 inox 1Dualbox n2 inox 1Dualbox n4 faceDualbox n2 p1 h 1


Normalized NF mailboxes D27-405

We also propose you batteries of NF Normalized mailboxes with internal and outside wall use in fixation.
To establish a free estimate for your project we invite you to get in touch with our customer service.




Last edited: 05/06/2018